As a multidisciplinary conceptual artist Lang's work is fuelled by personal yet universal challenges of war.  The lost of her childhood memory interwoven with the lingering resonance of historical trauma and our current unstable contemporary age combines to enhance her vision. Lang shines through as an artist truly unafraid to blur media and categories of making, whether she’s placing abstract sculptures in a rain forest, creating a series of comical porcelain sculptures or experimenting with drawings on large scale paintings, she explores everything from the victims that have fallen into the conflict of war to her own desire to understand why war should and will always exists.

Lang’s family fled Cambodia after the fall of the Khmer Rouge regime and after spending three years in various Thailand refugee camps, the family emigrated to New Zealand in 1982. 

Her works are held in public and private collections nationally and internationally including the James Wallace Art Trust.  She exhibits her works locally although recent exhibitions, Awards, Artist Residencies, and Fellowships have taken her work to international audiences in Australia, U.S.A and Europe.  Lang has been a finalist in numerous awards including the prestigious James Wallace Art Award. 

Lang’s recent exhibitions include ‘Listen’(2014) -Organic Memory exhibition, Treviso and Embodied Memory exhibition, Villa Manin; di Passariano, Italy; ‘POP BANG BOOM! little pom poms always turn into the mother of all POM!’(2016)Sculpture by the sea –Bondi 2016, Sydney; ‘The coming of darkness –the eagle series’(2014) Brush Strokes exhibition- Pen and Brush Gallery, Manhattan –New York; ‘Guns’(2007) The Expatriates exhibition, & Gallery, Melbourne; ‘POP! Bang! KA –BOOM!’(2016) finalist for the 2016 Montalto Sculpture Prize -Melbourne; ‘Broken Toys’(2015) was selected for the Small Sculpture Award indoor exhibition at Lorne Sculpture Biennale 2016-Melbourne; ‘KA -BOOM!’(2016) and ‘Listen II – Remains’(2015) site specific sculpture installation for Sculpture at Scenic World 2016 and 2015, Sydney; These exhibitions have received positive reviews from both curators and  audiences.

Lang was selected for a number of Artists residencies; Red Gate in Beijing 2016 funded by James Wallace foundation, and Asia NZ foundation. She received a fellowship for Vermont Studio Centre Residency, Johnson, USA.  And has recently (2017) completed a residency at Art Omi international artist residency in New York.

Artist statement

An interview by curators Josh Ryder and Barbara Scott, online publication;ARTiculAction Art Review; special edition; summer 2016

Giulia Pergola ‘ Review on work



photo by Kate Geurin @Art Omi/ NY